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    Learn the Comprehensive Expertise with the Senior Talent Management Practitioner...
    Organizations are focusing more on strengthening their practitioner approach to the talent management strategy and they are looking for the best HR professionals who are ready to take their career to the next level! Are you one of them but don’t know which certificate would effectively infuse the knowledge into you? The Talent Management Institute brings you the esteemed Senior Talent Management Practitioner Certification (briefly known as STMP) for HR professionals who have already spent a few years in the industry of human resources. STMP will add the differentiating capability in you which will separate you from the merely very good.
    As the already evolving industry of human resources continues to make critical shifts, it is more important than ever to stay informed and be nimble. This exclusive program is designed to help the HR professionals in exploring the business decisions behind the industry’s important moves, STMP is your competitive advantage.

    Want to register for this HR certifications? It’s a simple process! Just visit the website, click on the Certifications for Professionals, click on the register button and fill out the form. After you have finished the entire registration process, all you need to do start scheduling your exam and pay for it.

    Join the dynamic HR certification today and receive the exclusive study materials and resources, TMI ensures that you get the very best to start your journey to becoming the outstanding HR professional.

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    You Should Know about Buying Your First House
    you ready to buy your first house? If you think you are, then this article was
    written especially for people like you. After working for several years, your
    hard-earned money will finally be put into good investment—a place you can call
    home. Needless to say, buying your first house is an exciting and thrilling
    experience. All the things you imagined about your first house will finally be
    put into realization.


    before plunging into the world of housing market, there are several things you
    need to prepare first. A wise homebuyer is someone who is ready and prepared
    for the worst to happen. You would want to become a wise buyer because you the
    last thing you want to is buy the wrong house and put your hard-earned money
    into waste.


    Prepare a budget plan and stick to it.
    life tip you should always consider is: don’t swallow what you cannot chew.
    When looking for your first home, be sure that you have prepared a realistic
    budget beforehand. First, you would want to determine your financial
    capability, factoring in your current and would-be expenses, your job security,
    your business, and other related financial factors. After doing this, you can
    decide on the budget. It is best to be realistic and practical so as to avoid
    going on default in the future.


    Learn more about real estate and how it
    Be an informed and educated homebuyer. Do not just go shopping
    around housing markets without even knowing how to properly file necessary
    documents or how much you have to pay your agent or broker. You should also
    know that you can directly buy a house from the owner. When you choose to buy
    from an owner, you should know how to use depreciation
    for you to have better leverage when it comes to the price.
    Additionally, you must keep yourself in the loop about the trends in the
    housing industry to know which type of house to buy and which ones to avoid.
    Furthermore, you would want to know the dirty and dishonest tactics home
    sellers and real estate agents may use against you so you can avoid overspending.
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    People are fascinated when it comes to the sector of private equity. This is because these are concepts, having a financial overbearing, and one that requires a finance background in order to even understand the news that is broadcasted. So lets’ get down to clearing the air of mystique around it, once and for all. For starters, these are firms that invest their capital in companies which are not publicly traded. Sometimes their stakes are also placed in private placements, which is nothing but the stock that is not available for the public to trade in the market. Venture capital happens to be one of the operating models of the private equity arena, which is a high risk and in many cases high return investments made by institutional investors.

    Majority of the private equity industry operate on a standalone basis. They draw their investments from wealthy people who are also categorized as high net worth clients. Moreover, they also have pensions funds and other investment managers to look forward to for the purposes of money. Those establishments which become large enough also make their stock tradable on stock exchanges.

    The investment horizon i.e. the average time in which the invested amount of money would return a profit is almost 5-8 years. The reasons for this are highly varying. Firstly, the securities invested in it are highly illiquid, that means the number of people who are willing to put their money on the line to make the purchase is very less. Add to that the problem that such financial instruments are not available to the local population, for instance, retail investors such as you and us.

    The fees are a highly debated topic. For some time now, there has been this persistent argument, that the fee charged by private equity firms is massively over the top as compared to the traditional costs of fund management.

    One of the fundamentals involved with the working on this type of investing firms is that the investors take on a managerial role in the functioning of the enterprise. Hence for those who are heading such operations, it would be an add on for them to have had a non-technical role in the past. these would include experience in information technology, electronics, manufacturing, chemicals etc. this is what we refer to as multi-disciplinary attributes.
    Some of the well-known players in this industry include:

    Blackstone Group is one of leading names in the industry. its expertise lies in investment strategies, mergers, credit and hedge funds. To top that off it also handles organization restructuring & private placements. The companies that have been bought by it, employee a strong 560,000 work force across the globe. the portfolio includes investments such as Hilton Worldwide, Merlin Entertainments Group, Equity Office Properties, United Biscuits and others.
    Some of the other notable names in this field are Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, Bain Capital, The Carlyle Group Apollo Global Management Oaktree Capital Management, Hellman & Friedman and last but not the Centerbridge Capital Partners.

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    Does Ranking of Top Universities Really Matter?
    Ranking for top universities is never easy. It’s tough. It’s complicated. And it’s a big competitive business. It’s not just the universities that are involved but the companies that research, rank, and publish the results.

    All of these institutions are criticized and lauded for the kind of work they do. Some critics may come to form a consensus about the working methodologies of some top universities rankings but one fact that is undeniable by all and sundry is the continuity of the rankings of best universities in the world.

    No ranking of great universities in world is all encompassing and comprehensive. While some will rank universities on some excellence standards and the others will rank on other attributes. For the students who want to take admissions, the faculty members who want to teach, and the experts who wish to conduct researches and take grants- the university world ranking 2016 mattered a lot. Same goes for the government organizations.

    The world has truly become one giant village and almost every country has rankings of their universities. Talking about the last year, the global ranking of university world ranking 2016 made it easier for the students to make an informed choice out of the hundreds of options available.

    Rankings of great universities in world make it easy and convenient to make differentiation between universities based on different parameters. It even helps the government to make policies about the policies, infrastructure development, and budget allocation. For emerging economies, educational competitiveness holds a critical place and they are in constant pursuit to make positive changes to offer world-class education to the students.

    What’s more ranking of great universities in the world also impacts the immigration policies of countries in which these best universities in the world are located. The evolving demographics and the rising standards of living of the citizens of the emerging economies, change the dynamics of immigration. The number of internationally mobile students are continuously increasing with every passing year. The UK and the US are raking in great moolah with the number of students, who wish to study there, increasing.

    A number of countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark have evened out their policies to suit the interests of the overseas students. In order to make a high claim in the ranking of best universities in the world, highly cited professors can be asked to give lectures as visiting faculty member. Most of the universities that ranked in the university world ranking 2016 belonged to the first world countries and the universities which are present in the third world countries or emerging countries are at loss as they are never able to make it to the top rankings.

    There are always limitations attached to the ranking systems as they are never foolproof and are not all comprehensive. The different rankings list differently and to get a complete perspective of the universities if you are wishing to study here, is to take a neutral view of everything. 

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      Sahil Deshpande Read something fruitful and important on Internet after a long time. The author's research is thorough, and have changed the way i used to think about University Ranking!