London sets the bar high when it comes to Bars in London! (
The bar scene is definitely one of the most assorted in London with more than 450 bars and pubs serving all the diverse flavors that visitors to this city could ask for on any given evening. From the quiet ones where one can simply chill and relax with the drinks, to the more noisy ones that have live music and dancing along with the customary drinks, London is one destination that would never disappoint its visitors with its range of choices.

However, if visitors are interested in something more exquisite and unique in terms of bars in London, then heading to one of the biggest casinos in London would surely be a great move. This casino located near Leicester Square is home to 6 bars, which stay open for guests till late hours, and one of them is open 24 hours, serving drinks & cocktails throughout the year. This casino also boasts of a special smoking terrace, which is also open round the clock for the convenience of guests.

To gather more details about this special destination, one can also refer to the Infographic given here underneath on “Bars & Lounges”, which has enough information for the visitors about this Casino, and why it is one of the best destination for enjoying for Bar & lounge experience in London.