An Overview of Jobs those Veterans can take up
Veterans having vast experience in their respective fields are an excellent choice for public and private firms. Here are some of the great jobs for veterans who can help the company to earn more profits.

1. FBI Agent – The average pay is $114,000, and it can increase up to $154,000 annually. There is seventeen percent job growth in ten years, and a total of ten thousand jobs are available. As the law enforcement agencies have a similar type of work role like the military, so veterans are comfortable working with the FBI. They work on many aspects like counter-terrorism, etc. The job satisfaction is immense, the work benefits to the society at the highest level.  Common people feel safe and have the freedom to roam from one place to another. This is a stressful job, and there is flexibility in this type of job.

2. Systems Analyst – One earns up to $114,000 annually, and there is 20 percent job growth in ten years. There are forty thousand jobs available. The system analyst needs to analyze data for implementing new systems and also upgrade the old systems. One needs to audit different business practices so that a project can be done efficiently. A vet has to develop and lead a team of analysts in managing large-scale projects. The flexibility, benefit to the society, stress level and personal satisfaction are good at this type of job.

3. Training and Development Specialist – There are total jobs of twenty thousand and the job growth in ten years is twenty-three percent. The top pay is $83,300 and on an average one gets $58,900. As a specialist one will develop and implement different training programs for the clients as well as employee helping them to brush their skills. One also plays a role of an  interviewer where a vet creates a new job profile in the organization and also conducts the interview for the vacant positions. It is a stressful job, and personal satisfaction, as well as work flexibility, is reasonable.
4. Security Manager – This is one of the guaranteed jobs for veterans where a person needs to implement security measures at the airports or in a large organization He/she also have to supervise the staff members and coordinate all security activities for protecting an organization’s employees, assets and guests. One can earn up to $115,000, and there is seven percent job growth in ten years. A total of twenty thousand jobs are available for this position.

5.Senior Policy Analyst – The median salary is $91,400 while the top-earning is up to $126,000. There is a twenty-four percent job growth in ten years, and a total of thousand jobs are available in both public and private enterprises. The person’s job is to conduct interviews and research on various issues for developing company-wide procedures and policies. One also has to assess and amend the existing policies.

Veterans sometimes find themselves lonely and bored at home after retirements. It is best they go out there and find a job that suits their needs and skills.