Foresight's C3 Horoscope includes Basic Casting, C2 , shodash varga table,vimsopaka 
strength,prasthara,ashtakavarga,upagraha and their degrees,arudha,avastha 
kirana,vimsottari dasa uptP pratyantra for complete cycle,ashtattari dasa,kalachakra 
dasa,yogini dasa and yogas.we analyzes your planets,houses,signs.which includes Avkarha, Planetary 
Degrees/Positions, Malefics, Birth Chart, Navamsa Chart, Cusp Chart,Moon Rashi,Hora 
Chart,D-7,D-10,D-9,Vimsamsa & Vimsottari Dasha.It represents the physical body, head, 
including brain, general appearance and general attractiveness.The person's nature,his capacity to enjoy the pleasures of life, his struggles, 
pleasures and pain to be experienced in life are indicated by it. The ascendant lord 
represents the guardian angel of the individual.