Begin Your New Year Countdown With These 10 Useful Facts (
A New Year is packed with 365 new days, 365 new chances.
New Year is a time for new thoughts, new beginning, new innings and new life. We are very fortunate that a big festival like Merry Christmas is followed soon by equally celebratory New Year. But did you ever attempt to learn how and when the concept of New Year originated? Or what are the different New Year customs around the world? If not, you will enjoy these 10 facts.

1. New Year celebrations are not a modern concept. They date back to 2,000 BC and the Mesopotamians are on record to have celebrated this occasion.

2. January 1st was never a standard day for New Year celebration. For instance, the Romans celebrated it on March 1st. Other communities did it on summer equinox or winter solstice. Even today, few parts of India celebrate New Year in the month of April.

3. The earliest known practice of presenting New Year gifts is traced back to ancient Persia when the Persians used to gift eggs to loved ones as a symbol of productivity.

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