Experience the best live music casino bars London (hippodromecasino.com)
Heliot Restaurant, Bar and Lounge has opened in recently stored grand Hippodrome Casino in London’s Leicester Square. The Hippodrome promises a Las Vegas experience and has restored many of the grand 1900's features. The Heliot Cocktail Bar and Lounge, located in The Hippodrome casino, will revive the bygone West End glamour reminiscent of the halcyon days of the Atlantic bar and Grill.

A perfect place for after work drinks, night out and pre theater cocktails. Hippodrome is for everybody for foodies, music lovers, gamer they have everything at one place. With their live music casino bars London, many renowned celebrities have performed there. Every day is a different day at The Hippodrome casino, but from Thursday to Saturday you can experience a whole different environment.

If you like a little flutter, you must visit here for a night on the terrace. Cocktails, music and dance are the things we all need after a long day. For more information, please visit official website of the hippodrome casino.