Want to Experience the Best of Burlesque Shows – Head to the Hippodrome (hippodromecasino.com)
Burlesque shows have a long history behind them. However, the shows of today are a lot different from what they used to be in the past. They were believed to be all based on classical striptease, however, that’s not just the case anymore. The shows have evolved into a more sophisticated art form, which is continuously expanding its following worldwide. Hippodrome proudly hosts the most exciting and dynamic burlesque in the country. The scope of this genre has been on the rise since the last 90s and gives you more than one reason to book your tickets and join the wagon.

What you can expect
Burlesque offers a sensual show that can be political, witty, emotional, or even demanding
Join any of the two popular shows, Soho Burlesque Club produced by the legend Miss Polly Rae, or Burlesque Idol, which is the biggest competition of its kind in the country and is now into its seventh year
Hilarious comedy songs along with debauchery from Cabaret ‘royalty’
Scintillating circus from top-end acts
An up-close experience that is simply in a league of its own
To join the excitement and fun, it is necessary that you are at least 18 years old, and are carrying your photo ID with you.