All About E.ON Connecting Energies (
E.ON connecting energies is a business group of E.ON that offers desegregated energy solutions for commercial and industrial solutions as well as public sector institutions globally. Mission of E.ON connecting energies is to assist their B2B public sector customers manage the challenges and leverage the opportunities.

Why E.ON connecting Energies?

1. E.ON connecting energies underwrite identified energy saving potentials.

2. They are system integrator technology and non-affiliated to any OEM.

3. They offer complete solution package for energy problems.

4. They leverage cutting-edge technology in order to develop best possible solution for you with a focus on the business case.

5. They finance the investments necessary to make their solutions happen.

6. They serve your facilities globally.

7. They have a demonstrated track record of delivering on their promises and are a strong partner being part of a

8. major international energy company.

Facts about E.ON connecting energies

1. More than 740 employees are working with them

2. Over €360m of annual sales

3. 22 offices across Germany, UK, France, Italy and Russia

4. More than 32,000 sites connection to remotely optimize building energy efficiency

5. More than 560 MW electrical energy of on-site generation capacity installed at customer sites.

6. 280 MW of customer flexibility under contract.

For further information contact us, call on Eon contact number or refer below info-graphic.