Tap Tap Kitty Cat: Cube Jumping Kitten Game - Apps on Google Play (play.google.com)
Tap Tap Kitty Cat is a fun Adventure trip to mountains and forests. Help your kitty get down from high and tricky mountain. Save the cat from obstacles and falling down into pits.As your kitty cat falls down the mountain, she will come across various hurdles. Just tap the screen to change direction of kitty and avoid obstacles. It is not as easy as it sounds, as the speed of the game and difficulty increase as the game progresses.Collect coins and flags to unlock cute kittens from different countries: India, Japan, America, Korea, Egypt, and Turkey. You can also Unlock different Forests: Pine Forest, Snow Forest, and Water Forest. It is one of the best kitty cat game for the people of all ages who adore cute cats. This attractive cat game is one of the most loved Time Pass Game for kids.It is Lightweight and Compatible with most versions of Android. If your kid is fascinated with cute kitties, then youâre gonna love this Tap Tap kitty Cat game. Download this exciting Cat game on your Android phone to pl