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    Top Reasons for You to Plan a Visit to Hippodrome Casino
    Looking to become a part of some of the most exciting poker games for fun in London? In Hippodrome Casino, you have just the place to enjoy that, and more. Known to be one of the best places to have all kinds of fun, Hippodrome seems to tick all the right boxes almost all the time. For entertainment, you have casino games, slot machines, as well as a live entertainment theatre. For fun and drinks, you have several bars and restaurants even spread out across Hippodrome. You even have a dedicated terrace area to enjoy some peaceful time and get some really amazing views of the nearby places.
    Hippodrome adventure
    Any visit to Hippodrome Casino can be termed equivalent to an adventure of a unique kind. After all, how many places have you seen that offers you full-on entertainment with food and drinks and a peaceful setting, all under one roof? Hippodrome’s history of over a hundred years gives the casino an opportunity to showcase different aspects of everything, thereby offering something for everyone. Also, every visit is also almost certain to push you to come visiting over and over again.
    Checklist for Hippodrome fun
    • Join any one of the poker games for fun of your life! Also, enjoy all kinds of traditional casino games that can keep you hooked through the day.
    • Play on more than a hundred slot machines until you are ready to call it a day.
    • Treat yourself with top-notch drinks and dishes that are mouth-watering and appetising at the same time.
    • Enjoy mesmerising theatre performances by seductive star performers of the house.
    • Retire for some peaceful time in dedicated sitting areas or on the terrace as you like.


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    Top 5 Hindi Samachar app to listen to Hindi news
    Hindi news apps are now also becoming popular amongst the users, just like the other apps. However, it has also been observed that in some areas these Hindi news apps are more popular. You can find a number of Hindi news apps in the market. Out of the many, the top 5 Hindi Samachar apps for the Hindi news which are available in the market are as follow:
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    London has some great places to enjoy a live Burlesque Show!
    Boisterous, vivacious and multicultural, London is a great city of vivid colours, fine art and great energy. Being the capital city of UK as well as the largest city in entire Western Europe, it is also a very important centre for arts and entertainment. That’s why when it comes to having a great time in the city, the best places to head to happen to be in the West End district, which comprises of locations like Leicester Square, Chinatown, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus and the centre of London's cinema and theatre land. This is where you will also come across some of the best Burlesque Live Show Events happening in this city.

    So if you have been planning to catch a Live Burlesque show in town in the coming days, your best bet will be heading to this west end district in the city, which also happens to be home to some of the finest casinos in entire Europe. However, before you head to this end of the city, it won’t be a bad idea to go through the Infographic given here below on the topic ‘BURLESQUE-SHOW-LONDON’. It will give you a pretty good idea about the place you should head to, if you are looking for a great destination to enjoy a Live Burlesque Event.

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    London sets the bar high when it comes to Bars in London!
    The bar scene is definitely one of the most assorted in London with more than 450 bars and pubs serving all the diverse flavors that visitors to this city could ask for on any given evening. From the quiet ones where one can simply chill and relax with the drinks, to the more noisy ones that have live music and dancing along with the customary drinks, London is one destination that would never disappoint its visitors with its range of choices.

    However, if visitors are interested in something more exquisite and unique in terms of bars in London, then heading to one of the biggest casinos in London would surely be a great move. This casino located near Leicester Square is home to 6 bars, which stay open for guests till late hours, and one of them is open 24 hours, serving drinks & cocktails throughout the year. This casino also boasts of a special smoking terrace, which is also open round the clock for the convenience of guests.

    To gather more details about this special destination, one can also refer to the Infographic given here underneath on “Bars & Lounges”, which has enough information for the visitors about this Casino, and why it is one of the best destination for enjoying for Bar & lounge experience in London.

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    Listen latest Bollywood News in Hindi
    Use this hindi audio news app to listen bollywood news in hindi of your favourite actors and actress. Know all the latest updates of Bigg Boss season 12, latest updates direct from the Bigg Boss house. Know the Biography of the contestant, love story of Anup Jalota and Jasleen Royal, Weekend Vaar salman khan news and many more with this App. Get latest movie news, breakup and patch ups news of your all time favorite actors.